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Why Choose us?


Blazing Speed For Faster Loading Sites


We use Litespeed Web Server. If you’re not techie, then this means that it’s able to handle more users, any massive traffic spikes, and neutralizes DDoS attacks. Along with that, we also use CloudLinux which prevents any one website from hogging all the resources. This way we make sure your site is serviced correctly while providing dynamic site security at the same time.


24/7 Support Available Whenever You Need It.


Our friendly team of support engineers has been providing dynamic support for the past 14 years. If you ever experience any issues with your hosting, simply submit a ticket and our team will help you get them resolved fast - most times within the first interaction!


Unlimited Domains


We understand not everyone has just one website that they promote. That’s why we’ve decided to include the ability to host unlimited domains for your various websites and niches. Plus, it’s completely simple to add a domain to your web hosting package with hassle at all. (* see below for details)


What We Provide


Easy To Use cPanel Control Panel


With every Eureka Hosting account, we’ll also include an easy to use cPanel account at no extra charge. This way you can manage your hosting quickly and easily right from the start!


All The Applications You’ll Ever Need


If there’s any application you want to install on your domains, we’ve got you 100% covered. With only one click, you can install the popular applications like Wordpress, Joomla, osCommerce, Gallery, and more!


Unlimited Email Accounts


Want to separate personal emails from business emails on your domains? Or even just have a separate email for billing purposes? No problem. We give you the ability to create as many email accounts as you like with no hassle.


Unlimited Subdomains


Listen, sometimes you want to have multiple variations of a site on one domain or heck, even just have a site to test some things. We get it and we’ve totally got you covered. There are no limits to how many subdomains you can have. Just enter the details you want for a subdomain and you’re good to go.


Unlimited MySQL Databases


We also give you the ability to have unlimited MySQL databases. Now you won’t have to ever worry about the limitations of installing any apps on your brand new web hosting account.


Free Website Builder


You’ll also get access to the Free website builder that requires no scripting or coding. You don’t even need to know HTML! That means even if you’re the non-techie, non-programming type, you can still create a great professional looking website.


It’s A Fact… Your Web Host Can Build Your Business Or Destroy Your Business.


I don’t have to tell you that you need web hosting for your business. You already know that. And if you’re like most people, you’ve shopped around for a web host and picked one that gives you an account for the lowest cost.

Congratulations, you’re saving money… but it may be at the cost of your business.


Pricing Plan


Go Ahead And Choose Your Option Below And Get Ready To Enjoy The Last Web Hosting Platform You’ll Ever Need.




Domains Allowed:


Disk Space:




24/7/365 Support

Backups via cPanel

99.9% Uptime

Free/Instant Setup

Subdomains, FTP Accounts, Parked Domains, MYSQL Databases, Redirect URL



CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5. Ruby On Rails, SSH, Peri, Python, SSI, Cron, Curl, GD 2

Image Magick

Streaming Audio/Video

Free Module Installation

IP Deny Manager

Custom Error Pages

POP3 Accounts, WebMail, Email Alias, Auto Responders, Mailing Lists, Catch Alls, Spam Assassin, Mail Forwarding, IMAP Support, SMTP

Instant Blogs, Instant Portals, Instant PHPnuke, Instant Forums, Instant Guestbook, Instant Counter

Web-Based File Manager

Hotlink Protection

PW Protected Directories


Private SSL Allowed

AWStats (Real Time Updates), Webalizer, Raw Logs,

Solo (Host One Domain)

Only $59 for THREE years

Unlimited (Host Unlimited Domains)

Only $99. for THREE Years


That’s Why We’re Offering You A 100% Money Back Guarantee If You’re Not Completely Satisfied


I don’t have to tell you that you need web hosting for your business. You already know that. And if you’re like most people, you’ve shopped around for a web host and picked one that gives you an account for the lowest cost.

Congratulations, you’re saving money… but it may be at the cost of your business.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What does “Three years for the price of one” Hosting mean?


It means that you get three years of hosting for the price of one year during this promotional period. Promo won't last for long though so grab it as soon as you can.


Are these prices REALLY “three for the price of one?”


They sure are. We scouted several 'big name' web hosting companies and decided to base our pricing on a popular alligator branded hosting company that shall remain anonymous. We give you 3 years of our hosting for the price that they charge for 1 year, as of their September 1, 2019 pricing.


Can Eureka Hosting handle every website?


Eureka Hosting is not for customers that should be on a VPS or a dedicated server. Let's be honest - you know who you are. You have 20+ WordPress websites with intensive plugins and scheduled jobs every 2 minutes, or are constantly scraping hundreds of websites. Our service is for customers that won't abuse the shared resources. Please do yourself a favor and go purchase a VPS. We use Cloud Linux to partition our shared accounts to prevent this abuse from slowing down our servers.


Do you allow online storage of non-hosting files?


Eureka Hosting is not for customers looking for an online storage repository. Our hosting servers are meant for hosting. Please don't backup your home files, other websites, or multiple copies of your website and database on our servers. This impacts everyone on the server. We don't allow it to ensure the best hosting experience for all of our customers instead of a few resource abusers.



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